General FAQ’s

I want an environmentally friendly book. What can Worzalla do to help?

Worzalla is certified under 2 responsible forestry standards! For a more detailed explanation, visit our Sustainability page.

How is the trim size of the book determined?

Trim size is subjective.  Worzalla has produced books as small as 3-1/4” X 4-5/8”, as large as 13” X 15”, and everything in between.  It may help to go in a book store and “feel your options” to determine what you envision for your project.  Your designer would also be a great resource to help determine what my work best for you.  There are certain sizes that are more efficient and cost effective for different binding styles, so flexibility may save you money in the long run.

I want full color printing. Why did you quote only four colors?

Printing presses only use four colors to produce full color printing – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK).

Of these four colors, many colors are possible using varying size dots of each of the four colors. Look closely at a picture in a magazine to see an example (you may need a magnifying glass).

What are Pantone inks?

Pantone inks are used to create a wide array of colors. When a precise color match is most critical (for example when printing a corporate logo), typically a Pantone color is used. Instead of printing this logo as four inks (C,M,Y,K), it can be printed as a single Pantone ink. The printing process is much more cost-effective and easier to control with one ink vs. four. Also because CMYK inks are not able to produce certain vibrant colors Pantone inks are more appropriate in these situations. Pantone inks can also be metallic or fluorescent, which is not possible with CMYK inks.

Is white a color?

White inks may be used in some specialty applications. In most book printing, white is simply the color of the paper being printed. Something referred to as black and white would usually print as black ink only.

How many millimeters are in an inch?

One inch = approximately 25.4 millimeters.

What does oblong mean?

Oblong is when the width of the book is larger than the length of the binding edge. Also called Landscape.

What is the difference between a page and a sheet?

A page is a single side of a sheet. A sheet has two sides, and is made up of two pages.

What is a gutter?

This is the section of the page closest to the spine. Images or text placed near the gutter become difficult to read without opening the book to its maximum.

What are your minimum quantities and why?

1,000 copies is our minimum. While we can print less, the cost is usually the same for 2 copies as it is for 1,000. Higher quantities will result in lower unit costs for the customer.

What is a case?

A case is cloth or paper wrapped over board, which encloses the book block.

What is a book block?

Folded and gathered signatures that are bound with glue, staples, or sewn, but have not received a case or cover.

What is a jacket?

A jacket is a sheet of laminated, printed paper that wraps around the case as a dust cover.

What is an oversized jacket?

An oversized jacket is a single file used to create the case, and the jacket. This usually results in a cost savings for the customer since the jacket and cover are essentially on the same sheet through the press.

What is an ISBN number, and where can I get one?

(International Standard Book Number) – A number assigned to a specific book publication. Go to www.isbn.org/standards/home/index.asp


Can you scan my artwork?

Yes. We have several state-of-the-art methods of scanning on site.

What dpi should I scan my artwork?

Images should be scanned at 300 to 400 dpi. Illustrations containing distinct shapes, lines or lettering should be scanned at a minimum of 600 dpi or ideally 1200 dpi. A higher resolution is required to preserve the crispness of the edges of an illustration.

What types of files do I need to provide?

There are two preferred formats: 1) Adobe PDF files. 2) Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress files along with the corresponding image and font files. Other formats may be feasible; Please contact our EPP Manager for more information.

What are Distiller Settings?

‘Distiller Settings’ are PDF file creation settings used in the Adobe Acrobat Distiller program. We have made our preferred PDF creation settings available to assist our customers in properly preparing PDFs. The settings file is available for download here: The file can be imported into your copy of Acrobat Distiller. The settings file can also be used in InDesign for PDF exporting.

How can I submit my files to you?

Files may be submitted via CD, DVD, flash drive or external hard drive. Files may also be submitted via FTP or via InSite, our online proofing system.

How do I send a file to you using your FTP site?

Our FTP site is located at: ftp.worzalla.com. Please contact your Customer Service Representative for a user name and password. Mac: You will need an FTP program to access the site. There are many programs available, such as Cyberduck, Transmit or RBrowser. Windows: Log on using Internet Explorer or Windows Explorer.

How do I send a file to you using InSite?

Your Customer Service Representative must first set up an account for you on InSite. You will be given a username and password. Once you are logged on, you will press the ‘Upload Files’ button. You will be prompted to choose the files you wish to upload.

What does RGB mean?

RGB stands for Red, Green, Blue the three primary colors of light. Scanners and digital cameras create images in RGB format. Computer monitors and TVs use combinations of red, green and blue light to create what is seen on the screen. To be compatible with print production. The image files must at some point be converted to the proper format, typically CMYK.

Why do my proofs look so different from what I see on my computer screen?

Computer monitors display colors in the RGB color space as opposed to viewing a proof or printed piece which would use the CMYK color space. Each of these color spaces have different properties which affect how colors are displayed and perceived. Monitor output will also vary among different manufacturers. Also greatly affecting color is the lighting conditions present when viewing your screen, proof or printed piece. Systems are being developed to control lighting conditions and monitor calibration in order to closely match monitor output with final output. While this technology is improving, this has not yet become accessible on a broad scale. Normally it should be assumed that a monitor is not color accurate.

How do I determine what my spine width should be?

Many variables are used to determine the proper spine width for books, including page count, page thickness, and binding style. Please contact your Customer Service Representative for the proper spine width for your project.


Why would I want to use Worzalla’s house stock?

Worzalla maintains an inventory commonly used to manufacture books. These ‘house’ materials are purchased in large quantities at lower prices, and are readily available for a faster production schedule. Using these materials may be a more economical option, particularly for smaller quantities of books.

May I be present when the job prints and watch it go through the press?

Absolutely! We love to have visitors! Just make arrangements with your CSR well in advance so we can schedule a time for your visit.

What is a Moiré?

A moiré occurs when two screens of dots are improperly aligned causing a displeasing pattern within a color. An example of this can be seen with two window screens laid on top of each other and slowly rotating one of them.


What is the binding edge?

The side of the book where the pages are held together by your chosen binding method.

What is an endsheet?

Do endsheets count toward the pages of a book? Endsheets paste down onto the inside covers of a hard-case book. In smaller books, we can bind with using the text only (self-ended). In this case, they would count toward the pages of the book. Endsheets are highly recommended for larger page counts (separate ends). Two sets of endsheets are needed for books with separate ends (one set for the front of the book, one set for the back of the book)

What is a hinge and why should I avoid it with my artwork?

On a hard-case book, the hinge runs parallel and next to the spine, without board adhered, to allow the cover to bend and the book to open. Having artwork in this area is generally not aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

What is a bleed?

Image that extends beyond the trim of the book, to be intentionally trimmed off during binding.

How close to the edge of the page can my copy be?

A recommended guideline would be 1/2″ from the gutter, and 1/4″ from the head, face, or foot.


Does Worzalla offer fulfillment services?

Worzalla does not currently offer fulfillment services. However, we do partner with several local operations to provide fulfillment for you.

Does Worzalla offer mailing services?

Worzalla does not currently offer mailing services. Several local companies do mailing for us, so it’s a simple matter of organizing the services for you.

Why am I being charged for residential delivery?

Some destinations are defined by the trucking industry as ‘residential’. This is determined by the trucking industry and is out of Worzalla’s control. Services such as lift-gates, inside delivery, and pallet jacks are additional charges as well.

What is Inside Delivery?

This is the movement of a pallet from a truck to a building, such as an overhang or garage. This does not include moving cartons to a back room, or a basement.

What is a Commercial Invoice?

A Commercial Invoice is used for Customs purposes. The value of the product is provided, which is used to charge the customer taxes and duties when crossing the border.

What is a Proforma Invoice?

A Proforma Invoice is a Quote Invoice that is required by the Buyer to apply for an import license, contract for pre-shipment inspection, open a letter of credit, or to arrange for transfer of hard currency. A Proforma may not be a required shipping document, but it can provide detailed information the buyer needs in order to legally import the product. Basically a Proforma is information from the Seller to the Buyer.


What are industry standards for overs/unders?

Industry standards for overs/unders are 10% of order quantity.

Why are there overs/unders?

Makeready and machine waste is built into the book manufacturing process.  Often times we run efficiently through all operations and extra books are produced.  Sometimes there can an issue during one operations and it causes us to go through more materials than planned.  This is usually a small percentage of your order quantity.

How do overs/unders affect my final invoice?

You will be invoiced for your exact final ship quantity.  The Add’l M rate listed on your quote will be charged for all books over or under the ordered quantity.

What can I be charged for that is not already in the quote?

Overs, alterations or corrections to proofs, and shipping charges (including Fed-Ex and UPS packages) would be examples of additional charges not specified on the quote.

What is Worzalla doing about the latest CPSIA regulations concerning lead content?

Worzalla is committed to fully comply with all regulations set forth by the CPSIA. For a more detailed explanation, click on the “Green Worzalla” tab and the “CPSIA Information” link on the left.

When can I get started?

Right now! Just contact your Worzalla Sales Representative or Customer Service Representative.

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