Specifications for Offset Printing

File Specifications

  • File names must follow naming convention***
  • Files must be set up to the correct trim size
  • Pages must be set up as single page PDF files (not spreads). Single page mode facing pages in application files are acceptable if individual pages can be printed.
  • Colors must be managed to print as quoted. Must be composite color (not separated). Colors not allowed are RGB, LAB, Cal Gray and Cal RGB.
  • File Transfer: Worzalla InSite is preferred and must be used for within-the-hour on line proofing. For other methods contact your C.S.R.
  • PDF files created with up to date presets, with all fonts and images embedded preferred
  • Application files supplied as QuarkXPress 9 or higher or InDesign CS5.5 or higher with all fonts and images used supplied. (Additional charges may apply)
  • Supply all PDF files without traps, WPC will apply trapping as needed.
  • Due to the properties of metallic inks, no other ink should ever overprint a metallic ink and a metallic ink should never overprint any other ink.

Page Building Specifications

  • CT Image Resolution 300 dpi (200 min.)
  • LW Image Resolution 1200 dpi (600 min.)
  • Safety margin .25” (head, foot and face)
  • Bleeds .1875” (.125” min.)
  • Interior Printer marks must be offset 12pts
  • Covers and Jackets must have marks representing the Spine,Hinge, Wraps and turnovers as shown on Layouts supplied by your C.S.R.
  • Treatments should be vector when ever possible, colorized as 100% black only and supplied as a separate PDF file or on a separate PDF layer.
  • Safety gutter margin for text: 1” for side sewn and side stitched, .625” for smyth, perf notch and adhesive bind.
  • The trim box on every page must be set to the final trim size and binding style quoted
  • Overprint must view correct when viewing in Acrobat with overprint preview turned on
  • Blank pages must be included and blank
  • Country of Origin and Printer typesetting must be correct
  • Keyline and ISBN typesetting must be correct

Design and Art Specifications

  • Spreads that cross over should be pulled toward foredge .1875” for side-sewn, .09375 for classic and perf-notch and .0625 for adhesive bind. None for Smyth
  • Color Type 8 pt minimum when printing in two or more colors
  • Color Rules 1 pt minimum when printing in two or more colors
  • Backup–constant page elements on back to back pages should be in same position
  • To avoid excessive Anchor Points, Illustrator art must be used as links and not copied and pasted into InDesign or Quark documents.
  • Total area coverage (TAC) GRACoL 310, SWOP 300, Uncoated 280** [This is an average—specific TAC depends upon specific stock]
  • Black and White Halftones (2-3% minimum ,5% crop, 92-96% shadow, linear tones)
  • Black printer in process color images (Starts at 30-35% of 3-color gray balance)
  • Tint Builds 4% minimum per separation. Repeating tints in CMYK should be built preferably with 2 colors and no more than 3 colors.
  • Neutral Tints made as CMY should be avoided. Use black as dominant color.
  • NASTA Margins are .625” foot, .5” front, .375” head from text block when needed for education titles.
  • Rich Black build should be 40%C + 40%M + 30%Y + 100%K
  • Reverse Type 8 pt minimum
  • Reverse Rules 1 pt minimum
  • Recommended color profile: Coated GRACol 2006

*** Required naming conventions: Avoid any characters but alphanumeric and underscores, the period should only appear directly to the left of the extension (example: .pdf or .indd). Lead with file name then component abbreviation add folio range only if more then one page within that component and end with period extension. Please add zeros in front of folios so that all folio numbers have the same number of digits, please include Roman numeral front matter in with the alphanumeric pages (example: a 160 page book with i-x then 1-150 would be numbered 001-160). Please separate FileName, Component and Folio Range with underscores. Please shorten file name so the name including underscores and extension is no longer then 26 digits.

Component Abbreviations and examples:

Type Abbreviations Naming Example
Interior T FileName_T_01.pdf
Hardcase HC FileName_HC.pdf
Paperback PB FileName_PB.pdf
Paperback with Inside cover PB FileName_PB_01.pdf
Jacket JKT FileName_JKT.pdf
Oversized Jacket OSJKT FileName_OSJKT.pdf
Endsheets Ends FileName_Ends_001.pdf